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CSGO Super Fan Traveled To A European Castle To Compare It To A Popular Map

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  3kliksphilip is a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTuber who has created fascinating videos about the chickens in CSGO and black holes in some CSGO maps. His latest video is all about comparing two castles, one real and one virtual.

  Predjama Castle in Slovenia is a real castle that is actually built into the side of a mountain. This old castle inspired map creator Yanzl’s popular de_castle map. 3kliksphilip traveled to the real castle to compare how accurate Yanzl’s castle map was.

  Surprisingly, the map is really accurate. There are some differneces of course, but much of the map is based on real areas in and around the castle. Impressively map creator Yanzel explained to 3kliksphilip that he only visted the castle once as a kid and built the map based on memories and some photos. Seems Yanzel has a very good memory!

  Sadly, de_castle was removed from CSGO, but players looking to explore the castle themselves can download the map still and play it.